Year-end Giving for Political Prisoners

As 2021 comes to a close, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation is stronger than ever before. With community support, we have been able to donate thousands of dollars so far this year to political prisoners. Plus, the ABCF can now accept tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor. With your continued support, we can further the struggle for freedom for all political prisoners.

This year was huge for the ABCF. We welcomed home several comrades after many years in prison: Jaan Laaman, David Gilbert and Russell Maroon Shoatz. As the struggle continues, we also added some newly incarcerated people to the list of people we support: Jessica Reznicek, Dan Baker. We are following cases coming out of the George Floyd uprising and ready to jump in lending support as needed. In solidarity beyond the imperialist border of the U.S., we officially extended our direct support to political prisoners held in Mexico who are now also on our list: Fidencio Aldama, José Antonio Arreola, José Luis Jiménez and José Gerardo Talavera. We also do our part in sustaining the international database of political prisoners on and have been able to lend monetary support for political prisoners internationally.

In addition to one-time contributions of funds upon a political prisoner’s release or in other urgent situations, our Warchest Program currently provides 17 prisoners with $50 a month to cover basic needs like stamps and phone time. From its inception in November 1994 to date, we have distributed over $158,000 in funds [view our latest Warchest Report accounting for funds raised]. Our internal fundraising has been solid with large and successful Running Down the Walls events, but we want to do so much more in 2022.

We are an all-volunteer organization, dependent on contributions from people who are passionate about social justice. Please make a gift and invite your friends to do the same. Opportunities to free political prisoners are in reach– help us make them come to fruition!

To donate directly to the ABCF, send check or money order made out to Tim Fasnacht to Tim Fasnacht, P.O. Box 8682, Lancaster, PA 17604 or use the links below. To get a tax deduction for donations of $500 or more, make your check out to GLACTS and send to Philly ABC, P.O. Box 8643, Philadelphia, PA 19101 so that it arrives no later than December 27th.