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Running Down the Walls 2022!

Since 1999, prisoners and supporters throughout North America have participated in the annual event known as Running Down the Walls (RDTW) often running or walking simultaneously in many cities and prisons at once. This is a non-competitive 5K run/jog/walk/roll in order to raise awareness and funds for political prisoners. Over the years, we have raised thousands of dollars and lots of awareness around the struggle to free political prisoners. Many places will be hosting RDTW 2022 between September 11th or 18th – stay tuned to our blog for more details from all of the locations participating this year!

Find out more about Running Down the Walls and the ABCF Warchest (which the runs support).

List of 2022 Runs

Chicago- September 10th

Philly ABC- September 11th

Austin ABC- September 17th

Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) Running Down the Walls- September 17
Bayfront Park, 200 Harbour Front Drive, Hamilton, ON. 11am.

James River ABC (Richmond) September 17th

Los Angeles ABC- September 18th

NYC ABC- September 18th

Lowell ABC- September 18th

Pushing Down the Walls- September 18th

Portland ABC- September 18th

Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s case featured on the Final Straw Radio

Listen to the interview at

This week on TFSR, you’ll hear Watani Tyehimba of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and a supporter and comrade of New Afrikan political prisoner Dr Mutulu Shakur speaking about Dr. Shakur’s life, activism and the struggle for his release since he’s been diagnosed with serious bone cancer.

Rally for Xinãchtli. November 21 in Austin, Texas

Chicano-Mexicano Political Prisoner “Xinãchtli,”(s/n Álvaro Luna Hernández), is a Texas State Captive serving a 50-Year sentence for Disarming a County Sheriff in S.W. Texas.

On Monday, November 21st 2022, 12 Noon, at the N.W. Corner of the University of Texas Campus, at 24th & Guadalupe, in Austin,  we will hold a rally commemorating the 100 -Year Anniversary and death of Ricardo Flores Magón Mexican anarchist.

Part of the gathering will feature interactive materials for both Magón & “Xinachtli.”

Central Texas ABC, P.O. Box 7907 • Austin, Texas 78713 
[email protected]   

Dr. Mutulu Shakur featured on Democracy Now!

Watch at

Dozens of civil rights groups have joined an urgent push for the compassionate release of longtime political prisoner Mutulu Shakur from prison. The 72-year-old Black liberation activist is said by prison doctors to have less than six months to live, after being diagnosed with stage 3 bone marrow cancer. Shakur was part of the Black nationalist group Republic of New Afrika that worked with the Black Panther Party and others, and is the stepfather of the late rapper icon Tupac Shakur. He was convicted in 1988 of conspiracy in several armed robberies, one of which resulted in the deaths of a guard and two police officers, and also for aiding the 1979 prison escape of Assata Shakur.

We speak with Nkechi Taifa, a lawyer and longtime supporter of Shakur, as well as Brad Thomson, attorney with the People’s Law Office, which has filed urgent lawsuits to secure Shakur’s release. “He is in a desperate medical situation,” says Thomson, who calls any claims that Shakur would reoffend if released “patently false and absolutely outrageous.” “It is time for him to live out his remaining days in the comfort of his family and friends,” says Taifa.

Portland will be Running Down the Walls

Portland will be Running Down The Walls!

A multi-modal 5K and BBQ to raise funds and support for political prisoners. Sunday, September 18 from 11:00am-3:00pm, under the Hawthorne Bridge.

This annual solidarity event takes place in cities and prisons around the world to raise funds for political prisoners. We will be giving out enticing prizes to teams and individuals who participate! #RDTW Please join us by participating in the loop and asking supporters for $$ pledges. If you can’t attend, please chip in to the fund or sponsor a participant.

Questions? [email protected]

#RDTW #FreeThemAll

A day of action to mark 365 days in prison for Jessica Reznicek

Tomorrow, August 11th, marks the first year, or the 365th day, of Jessica’s incarceration after being labeled a terrorist for protecting the endangered water supply of over 40 million people.

After losing our appeal in the 8th circuit we want to use Thursday to spread the word about her case and build popular support as we prepare to continue the fight to free Jessica and reverse this dangerous precedent.

Take action tomorrow with these 2 simple steps to help us spread the word about her case!

1.) Take a selfie or group photo with a sign saying:
“365 days in prison and counting #freejessicareznicek Water protectors. Not terrorists.” or

“365 days in prison and counting #freejessicareznicek Climate action ≠ terrorism.

2.) Post this on your social media and most importantly tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @FreeJessRez and use the hashtag #FreeJessicaReznicek. If you do not have social media feel free to reply to this email with the picture and we will post it to ours.

Before you finish reading this email retweet and share this campaign on Facebook to spread the word about the day of action before tomorrow!  Instagram is blocking us from posting about this because it “goes against community standards.” Even more of a reason to be sure to take a selfie tomorrow and tag us on that platform as well!

To buy a shirt, sign the petition, and read more on Jessica’s case visit our website:

We look forward to seeing you on the web tomorrow!

Solidarity Forever, The Jessica Reznicek Support Team

NYCABC Updates and Announcements 8.9.22

Here is the latest compilation of every-other-week updates:

NYC ABC, along with several other individuals and prisoner support
crews, now send hard copies to all political prisoners and prisoners of
war we support.

If you consistently mail the latest updates to a specific prisoner,
please let us know so we can insure there’s no overlap. The goal is to
have copies sent to all of the prisoners we list.

We’ve also been told that some prisoners are not receiving the copies
sent in, yet we aren’t getting rejection notices. If you are in steady
contact with a prisoner, please ask them whether or not they are
receiving the updates and let us know.

Free ’em all,

NYCABC’s Running Down the Walls– 9.18.22

WHATRunning Down the Walls – 5k Run/Walk/Jog/Bike/Hang
WHEN: 2:00-7:00pm, Sunday, September 18th, 2022
WHERE: Prospect Park– Lincoln Road/East Lake Drive, east of the Terrace Bridge
COST: $10 registration, participants encouraged to get sponsors (includes vegan BBQ afterwards, observing COVID precautions for serving!)

NYC Anarchist Black Cross (NYC ABC) is excited to announce Running Down the Walls 2022! After making the difficult decision to not host RDTW in person in 2020, we are looking very forward to gathering as a community. Last year, we had an amazing time and a successful fundraiser. Please stay tuned to our website, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on twitter (@nycabc) or instagram (also @nycabc) for updates.

Every year, prisoners and supporters of political prisoners organize solidarity events with Running Down the Walls. In previous years, we’ve had runs in Albuquerque (NM), Arcata (CA), Ashland (OR), Bellefonte (PA), Boston (MA), Buffalo (NY), Chico (CA), Denver (CO), Elmore (AL), Inez (KY), Los Angeles (CA), Marion (IL), Minneapolis (MN) New York (NY), USP Navosta (TX), Pelican Bay (CA), Phoenix (AZ), Tucson (AZ), Seattle (WA), and Toronto, Ontario. This year we hope to expand the amount of runs in prisons and other cities, as well as increase the amount of funds raised for community projects. NYC ABC‘s goal with this year’s run is $4,500. You can donate online by going to

This year’s run will take place on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 at 2:00 pm in solidarity and conjunction with runs that will take place in cities and prison yards across the country at the same time. Stay after to enjoy a vegan BBQ, served taking every COVID precaution!

To raise our goal of $4,500 we need your support.

Promote – print and distribute flyers to friends and local businesses, your doctor’s office, laundromat, food co-op, wealthy benefactor, et cetera.

Run/walk/bike/roll in the 5k – We need participants who can run/walk/bike/roll the 5k and are able to collect financial pledges to offer as donations to the run. Download the brochure, complete with registration and sponsor form right here.

Volunteer for the run – We need folks who are willing to promote the run and bike the route as street medics.

Donate online at venmo @nycabc

Donate to the run/sponsor a participant – If you are not able to attend, but want to support this fundraising effort, please mail donations to:
Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Your donation of $10 or more entitles you to the celebratory picnic after the event.

Each year, we split proceeds between the Anarchist Black Cross Federation’s Warchest Program and a local organization. This year, local funds are going to Roots Unbound (RU).

The Warchest Program:
The Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) has initiated a program designed to send monthly checks to those Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have been receiving insufficient, little, or no financial support during their imprisonment. The Warchest program was initiated in November 1994. Its purpose is to collect monthly funds from groups and individual supporters, and send that money to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POW) via monthly checks. Over the last twenty five years, the ABCF warchest has dispensed almost $200,000 to political prisoners. Currently, there are 17 imprisoned comrades who receive a monthly stipend as part of the program; they are Abdul AzeezDan BakerEd PoindexterEric KingFidencio AldamaHanif BeyJamil Al-AminJoseph BowenKamau Sadiki, Leonard PeltierMalik SmithMutulu ShakurOso BlancoRonald Reed, Ruchell MageeVeronza Bowers, and Xinachtli (FKA Alvaro Luna Hernandez). For more information, visit:

Roots Unbound:
Roots Unbound (RU) is an abolitionist grassroots organization based in Brooklyn offering nature-based programming centered around food justice, therapeutic horticulture, and ecological disinvestment to people in the NYC area with a focus on supporting and uplifting people impacted by the carceral system. Abolition is liberation for all.

For more information, visit:

We will be starting here:


From the Q train, get off at the Prospect Park stop. Walk to Lincoln Road and turn right into the park. We’ll be about 700 feet away.

The event will be one lap around what is known as the Main Loop, and will total five kilometers. For the curious, here’s what it looks like:

Main Loop

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at nycabc at riseup dot net.

Oso Blanco Statement in Support of Pushing Down the Walls

Brother and sisters, Comrades,

I thank you all very much for participating in “Pushing Down the Walls“. I’ve been a political prisoner since August 13th, 1999. I’ve tried my best to overcome the situations at hand that my enemy has handed me nonstop. At times I’ve tried my best to survive in here, hustling by cooking food, selling candy, to make ends meet. It’s nothing easy. At 55 years old I should be teaching my grandchildren to cook, hunt and fish, as well as taking care of my elderly parents.

I’ve been able to successfully start the “Children’s Art Project”. I had to give up most of my money a few times in order to print the products for Children’s Art Project to help provide a little bit of support for my comrades in Chiapas who run the schools. I wish to inspire you and all those out there struggling for a better world. In these times, it’s extremely difficult to fight for Indigenous People and the Earth. For those that attack our sovereignty and destroy the Mother Earth, they place money and profit above a future for our grandchildren. The situation has become dire. One would be best not to believe any type of politician on either side because they’re all full of it. I thank you all that have placed your lives on the line in direct action to protect water, the first medicine, and protect Indigenous People everywhere. We have extreme problems on our Reservations in the north.

There is so much work to be done. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been in these USPs (United States Penitentiaries) all these years watching the Native population in here grow and grow. I know now, more than ever, that political activists must step up their A game and take the great serpent by the horns. This serpent must be crushed before we have no Earth to live on. I thank you all for raising money and giving your efforts by physical strain and activity. I pray that we shall truly overcome the oppression that seeks to destroy and bury us in these cement coffins. It is truly no joke to live in here like a factory farm animal knowing that people are out there more worried about a cellphone and a new car than saving the Earth. 

Love and Power,
Oso Blanco

Byron Chubbuck #07909-051
USP Victorville
P.O. Box 3900
Adelanto, CA 92301

Monday, August 8th: Dr. Mutulu Shakur Birthday Call to Action!

SAVE THE DATE! Mutulu Turns 72!

On Monday, August 8th join the Free Mutulu Now Campaign as we commemorate Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s 72rd birthday with a call to action for his release.

To register:

Mutulu has been suffering with life-threatening bone marrow cancer and Bureau of Prison doctors have given him less than six months. We will gather online at 7:20 PM EST for a 72-minute program to hear from those who love Mutulu and are fighting for his freedom.

Learn more about Free Mutulu NOW Campaign and how to get involved, visit and