A day of action to mark 365 days in prison for Jessica Reznicek

Tomorrow, August 11th, marks the first year, or the 365th day, of Jessica’s incarceration after being labeled a terrorist for protecting the endangered water supply of over 40 million people.

After losing our appeal in the 8th circuit we want to use Thursday to spread the word about her case and build popular support as we prepare to continue the fight to free Jessica and reverse this dangerous precedent.

Take action tomorrow with these 2 simple steps to help us spread the word about her case!

1.) Take a selfie or group photo with a sign saying:
“365 days in prison and counting #freejessicareznicek Water protectors. Not terrorists. supportjessicareznicek.com” or

“365 days in prison and counting #freejessicareznicek Climate action ≠ terrorism. supportjessicareznicek.com

2.) Post this on your social media and most importantly tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @FreeJessRez and use the hashtag #FreeJessicaReznicek. If you do not have social media feel free to reply to this email with the picture and we will post it to ours.

Before you finish reading this email retweet and share this campaign on Facebook to spread the word about the day of action before tomorrow!  Instagram is blocking us from posting about this because it “goes against community standards.” Even more of a reason to be sure to take a selfie tomorrow and tag us on that platform as well!

To buy a shirt, sign the petition, and read more on Jessica’s case visit our website: www.supportjessicareznicek.com

We look forward to seeing you on the web tomorrow!

Solidarity Forever, The Jessica Reznicek Support Team