Monthly Archives: May 2019

Janet and Janine Africa Have Been Freed

After 41 years in prison, Janet and Janine Africa have been released. Wonderful News! Both women, along with seven others, have been in jail since the 1978 police assault on the MOVE house in Powelton Village by Philadelphia police, which left one police officer dead. Nine members of the organization were convicted of the officers death and were sentenced to 100 years in prison.

In 1998, Merle Africa passed away in prison. In 2015, Phil Africa also died behind the prison walls. In June of 2018, Debra Africa was paroled, followed by Mike Africa in October 2018. Chuck, Eddie, and Delbert are the only Move 9 members remaining in prison.

New Warchest Flier for May 2019

The Anarchist Black Cross Federation has always attempted to stay transparent in regards to how donations are dispersed. Here is an updated Warchest flier which highlights the most recent donations and disbursements. As indicated on the flier, due to recent fundraising efforts and donations, we have added two more individuals (Abdul Azeez and Ed Poindexter) to the Warchest list. This brings the number of Warchest recipients to 15 political prisoners who receive monthly stipends. With support from the larger community, we hope to add more in the future.