Day 2 of the Call-in for Eric King begins

.Please keep up the pressure and call/email/fax. All the details are at…/03/help-protect-erics-life/

Eric was found not guilty at trial but within a week, was put on the road and is being sent to a notorious and dangerous prison (USP Lee). We need your help to call attention to this situation and to shine light on the Bureau of Prisons so history does not repeat itself and Eric is put put in harm’s way by the BOP (Eric was marched into the chow hall to fight a nazi enforcer at USP McCreary by BOP staff).

Hear Eric talk about what he needs at

We have to do everything we can to protect Eric and call attention to the hazardous situation they are putting him in by sending him to USP Lee. The Bop can and should send him to a low security prison as he is 18 months from release.

Be sure to tweet at the Virginia senators and call/email/fax* the BOP contacts.
Info at…/03/help-protect-erics-life/

* Free online faxing is at