USA v Jessica Reznicek: fighting the criminalization of water protectors- April 19th

April 19th marks Jessica’s 250th day of being locked up and separated from the people and places she loves. To punish Jessica for protecting our waterways and the climate, the federal government has walled Jessica off from the wind, the rain, the rivers, the sun, and all of us. To mark this day, show solidarity, and explain the significance of her case we will be hosting a webinar that we encourage you all to attend.

The webinar, USA v Jessica Reznicek: fighting the criminalization of water protectors, will highlight the people fighting back against the criminalization of climate action in the United States.

Since the No-DAPL movement, dozens of states have passed critical infrastructure laws that increase criminal penalties for anyone taking action against destructive fossil fuel projects. In 2017, 80 Republicans and 4 Democrats asked the Justice Department to prosecute Jessica Reznick and the valve turners as terrorists. Last year, the justice department answered the call and applied a terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s case, doubling her sentence.

The Speakers will include:

Cherri Foytlin and Cindy Spoon from the L’eau Est La Vie Camp who will share about their federal lawsuit against the critical infrastructure bill in Louisiana.

Nizhóní Begay Diné/Quechua Communications Coordinator & Jaden Cowboy Diné/Nahiłii Community Legal Liaison of the Water Protector Legal Collective who will speak about the criminalization of water protectors since NoDAPL and beyond. WPLC has also filed a Amicus brief in support of Jessica’s appeal.

Alex Marquardt an attorney form the Climate Defense Project on the abuse of the terrorism enhancement and their Amicus brief in support of Jessica’s appeal.

Bill Quigley, longtime attorney for Jessica Reznicek.

Monty Hollywood from our team, The Campaign to Free Jessica Reznicek!

We hope you’ll join us in solidarity with those fighting to protect our right to struggle for clean water and a stable climate. Secure your spot by registering for the webinar!

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