The Bureau of Prisons are just letting people die

As you know, many of our political prisoners are imprisoned in the federal prison system or Bureau of Prisons. The response to COVD from the BOP has been mostly smoke and mirrors. They talk shit about home confinement but then deny most people including those whose convictions are related to any ‘violence’, ‘terrorism’ or whether they have ICE detainers. We have no faith in this system to give our people justice. Below are the latest stats. Show support for our political prisoners by writing them and asking them what they need. Find addresses at

Here is your Bureau of Prisons- COVD report for Saturday May 29th:
* 1,649 COVD positive federal prisoners
* 192 COVD positive BOP staff (1 death still unreported)
* 3,582 prisoners and 420 staff have recovered.
* 56 BOP facilities & 35 halfway houses have active confirmed cases. (75% OF BOP FACILITIES HAVE COVD.)
* 66 people in federal prison have died of COVD

Total BOP Population:
135,739 people in 122 BOP-managed prisons/jails
12,529 people in halfway houses/home confinement etc.