Support the ABCF Every Time You Shop Online!

We all do it from time to time, so let’s at least do it intelligently. Amazon, eBay, and other major retailers have “affiliate” programs where they kick back a percentage of sales to websites that drive clicks to them. We’ve jumped on this bandwagon so we can do more work to support prisoners and basically get a source of free money. We get approximately 1-4% of the sales that are made through these sites.

Since 1995, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation has given financial assistance to anarchist political prisoners and prisoners of war. We are dedicated to the support of all political prisoners and have contributed thousands of dollars to prisoners through our warchest program.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to (be sure to bookmark it for the future) and click on the Amazon or eBay links. The Black Rose Society has pledged to donate a sizeable portion of their income from this program to the Anarchist Black Cross. Federation.

2. Click the Amazon and eBay icons/text and buy items through these websites just as you would normally. You pay the same price as always.

3. When the retailer gets paid, we get paid and put that money into supporting prisoners.

4. Tell everybody you know about this project

That’s all folks, thanks for your support.

*Yes, we realize Amazon is a big evil company that does all sorts of horrible things. We aren’t encouraging you to shop there more than you already do, just to make sure you click our link if you do. In the end, it takes more money from Amazon’s pockets. We stand in solidarity with all of Amazon’s workers.