Running Down the Walls 2013 Reportback

Running Down the Walls this year was a huge success! People all around the world ran in the streets and inside prison walls ran simultaneously in solidarity with political prisoners worldwide. Thousands of dollars were raised to fund basic solidarity programs, the ABCF Warchest, and legal defense campaigns.

Runs occurred in Ontario, Denver, USP Tuscon, New York, Los Angeles, and more. Denver ABC put together an awesome promo video and there are some great pictures available of the LA run which was co-hosted by Revolutionary Autonomous Communities.

Many Political Prisoners made statements including Jaan Laamans who coordinated the run at USP Tuscon.

If you participated in a RDTW run in 2013 and don’t see it listed here, please let us know by using the contact tab above or writing in the comments.

–Nathan at ABCF