Sundiata Acoli: Oral Arguments in New Jersey Supreme Court

On January 31st, the New Jersey Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the state’s leading parole case, that of 85-year-old Sundiata Acoli. The oral arguments were recorded and will be released at a later date. Click the link below to view our live-tweeting. The Court will decide if the parole board violated the law by denying Sundiata Acoli’s petition for release.
Read the live tweets.

Sundiata has been imprisoned since 1973. Despite being eligible for parole since 1993, the parole board has denied Sundiata’s petition for release eight times; each time claiming that he was a substantial risk to public safety.

The New Jersey Attorney General argued on behalf of the parole board. In addition to the compelling oral argument given by lead counsel, Bruce Afran, persuasive oral arguments were made by counsel representing three of the seven legal teams that filed amicus briefs last fall to support Sundiata’s release. Four of the seven briefs focus on parole board bias, decision irregularities and judicial oversight. It is believed that Sundiata has received the most supporting amicus briefs in the history of New Jersey.

This could be Sundiata’s last chance for freedom after serving nearly 50 years: his health is declining and deteriorating due to early stage dementia, glaucoma and post-COVID-19 complications.

We are calling for community members nationwide, allied organizations, and institutions to support the release of Sundiata Acoli by signing and sharing the petition demanding New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy release him immediately. Our new goal is 25,000! Sign the petition at

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