Statement by Bill Dunne about Running Down the Walls

Salutations ABCF Running Down the Walls Comrades!

We gather under trying times. But we gather! We gather without proximity, sacrificing hugs and shared physical space to protect our community so we can emerge from the Covid-19 era stronger. But we gather! And we gather not only in resistance to repression but in sad memory of comrades fallen along the road to revolution – Comrade Sekou Kambui, for one, whose entry into this vale of all things we mark today. But we gather!

We gather to fan the embers of revolution that still burn in all our hearts. We gather to celebrate the life of Sekou Kambui and each of the comrades born in other days who’ve laid down their teaching for us to carry into the future we engineer. We gather to build that seismic wave that will rattle the foundation of every prison with our footfalls from myriad disparate points. We gather because the future we will create by gathering together tells us we must. 

So, let us sally forth from whatever kind of lockdown afflicts our bodies, plug into that radical record that gathers us all, lace up our shoes or grease our wheels, and Run Down the Walls! I’ll be with you, stepping up (& down!) on my plastic chair, a reasonable approximation of running in the Covid-19 lockdown here at Victorville FCI-I. 

Bill Dunne


FCC Victorville FCI-I

PO Box 3725

Adelanto, CA 92301