Mexico: Anarchist Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta Fasts in Solidarity with the Hunger Striking Prisoners in Chiapas

This statement comes from anarchist political prisoner Miguel Peralta and his compañera Mariana González as he fasts in solidarity with the hunger-striking prisoners in struggle in Chiapas.


Having water, vitamins, honey, solidarity and the reason for freedom, we know those are the elements that will keep you strong and firm in this battle. Representatives of the government will say that you are harming your body by not eating food. They will tell you to end the hunger strike. But is it more harm than they do to us? That is the real damage. One can think of complicated moments, when one resists the pressure generated by the system, when they offer us “food” every day and fulfill their protocol of supposed “medical attention.” But we are aware that when the injustices reach their limit, we have no other exit than to utilize our own body as a tool of struggle and resistance. The first days can be difficult or the most complicated because our natural defenses began to react, by reorganizing to protect our body. Solidarity is the food for a striker. The news of the compañerxs that are attentive to our situation, the courage and strength to demand our freedom is what we have. From Cuicatlán, Oaxaca, from behind other walls, we embrace you all. We understand, and we accompany you all in the demands of your hunger strike. To your families and the people that are there with you, we also send our greetings and thanks for being there. It is not easy to see a loved one change from not eating. Even still their presence injects us with strength and courage. Compas, we embrace you and we hope that the strike for freedom will be won.

Down with the prison walls!!

Because this system stinks!!

One does not beg for freedom!!

Courage, much courage!!

Mariana González

Miguel Peralta