Marius Mason has been Transferred

After nearly 10 years at FMC Carswell, Marius has finally been transferred closer to family and friends. As of this week, Marius is now located at FCI Danbury in CT. 

Marius’ transfer to Connecticut quite literally means he will be hundreds of miles closer to his children, volunteer attorney, and lifelong friends. We are hopeful that this move will allow for approved visitors to come see him more often. Currently, his visits average 2-3 a year because of the overwhelming time and money that went into seeing him in Texas. 

As of now, Marius is just getting his bearings trying to figure out the new schedule, culture, and systems of FCI Danbury. He could use help settling in and a reminder that he is not alone in this big transition. Please consider writing him a letter of support.  

Marie (Marius) Mason #04672-061 

FCI Danbury 

Route 37 

Danbury, CT 06811 

More updates on the way once Marius has more information and answers. Please check back on his website, twitter, and facebook. Thank you all for your continued support!