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Welcome home, Jeremy Hammond!

After ten long years, many transfers and lost good time and being held in contempt of a federal grand jury, political prisoner Jeremy Hammond has been released to a halfway house in Illinois. His sentence ends in March 2021 and keep an eye out for information on how to support him as he adjusts back to the outside world.

More info:
Free Jeremy (twitter)
Free Jeremy (facebook)

Political Prisoner profile: Marius Mason

Marius Mason is a revolutionary anarchist, avid community gardener, artist, musician, parent of two, writer, Earth First! organizer, IWW member, and former volunteer for a free herbal healthcare collective. He was an extended care assistant at a small Cincinnati school when arrested on March 10, 2008 by federal agents.

Marius was convicted of involvement with a December, 1999 arson at a Michigan State University office in which GMO research was being conducted and a January, 2000 arson of logging equipment in Mesick, Michigan. Both arsons were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front.

Marie (Marius) Mason #04672-061
FCI Danbury
Route 37
Danbury, CT 06811
*Address card/letter to Marius Mason.
Birthday: January 26

More information:
Info flyer
Book wish list
Info was taken from NYC ABC’s Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners.
More PP addresses here.

November 17th – NYC ABC Letter Writing To American Indian Warriors

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing
WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday, November 17th, 2020
COST: Free

NYC ABC and Page One Collective are back for our every-other-week Political Prisoner Letter Writing. As anarchists, it should come as no surprise that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving– we’ll take your damned day off from work, but not in exchange for commemorating the historic and ongoing genocide of indigenous folks and the 250 million turkeys who are killed each year. While we might be eating the fruits of the fall harvest, don’t confuse that with an acceptance of the Thanksgiving myth.

This Tuesday’s event will focus on indigenous political prisoners Leonard Peltier and Rattler.

Leonard Peltier is an American Indian Movement (AIM) warrior. In the 1970s, the United States government continued its legacy of decimating indigenous communities, focusing on those organized and prepared to challenge its authority. Peltier is imprisoned for the 1975 shoot-out between the FBI and AIM in which two federal agents and an indigenous man were killed. Four years after his imprisonment, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request released documents which prove Leonard Peltier’s innocence and the FBI’s targeting him. And still, Peltier remains imprisoned. For more information and ways to help, visit

Rattler (Michael Markus) is Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, a water protector, and one of six folks who eventually came to be known as the Standing Rock 6. The Standing Rock 6 are arrestees enduring felony charges stemming from arrests on October 27, 2016 at ceremonial resistance camps at Standing Rock. These camps were convened in North Dakota by Native peoples and their allies who gathered there to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Collectively, they are referred to as water protectors. These seven arrestees are out of the 800-some water protectors arrested, many the result of widespread police sweeps at demonstrations like October 22 with scant or no evidence to link most individuals to any crime. More information:

Please take the time to write a letter to Leonard and Rattler (and share a photo of your completed envelopes with us online):

Leonard Peltier #89637-132
USP Coleman I
Post Office Box 1033
Coleman, Florida 33521

Rattler* #06280-073
FCI Sandstone
Post Office Box 1000
Sandstone, Minnesota 55072
*Address envelope to Michael Markus

Political Prisoner profile: Sundiata Acoli

A New York Black Panther, he endured two years of prison awaiting trial for the Panther 21 Conspiracy Case. He and his comrades were eventually acquitted on all the bogus charges. The case was historic and a classic example of police and government attempting to neutralize organizations by incarcerating their leadership. As a result of this political attack and because of the immense pressure and surveillance from the FBI and local police Sundiata, like many other Panther leaders went “underground”.

On May 2, 1973, Sundiata Acoli, Assata Shakur and Zayd Shakur were ambushed and attacked by state troopers on the New Jersey Turnpike. Assata was wounded and Zayd was killed. During the gun battle a state trooper was shot and killed in self defense. Sundiata was tried in an environment of mass hysteria and convicted, although there was no credible evidence that he killed the trooper or had been involved in the shooting. He was sentenced to thirty years. Sundiata was ordered released on parole by a state appeals court in New Jersey in September 2014 when the court ruled the parole board had “acted arbitrarily and capriciously” when it previously denied him parole. The State of New Jersey has appealed the decision and won in October 2018.

Sundiata Acoli* #39794-066
FCI Cumberland
Post Office Box 1000
Cumberland, Maryland 21501
*Address envelope to Clark Squire

Birthday: January 14

More information:
Info flyer
Petition for clemency to Governor Murphy
Info was taken from NYC ABC’s Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners.
More PP addresses here.

Urgent Alert: Russell Maroon Shoatz has COVID-19 (and Stage 4 cancer)

Our beloved elder Russell Maroon Shoatz, suffering stage 4 cancer for the last year and a half, has now been diagnosed with COVID-19. This infection is no doubt a result of the “full-blown resurgence” of the virus in Pennsylvania state prisons, and the callous disregard shown by prison authorities to elderly and infirm incarcerated people, including withheld testing and unhygienic isolation of those who report symptoms. 

Maroon is asking that all supporters call the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and demand his immediate, unconditional release, as well as that of ALL elderly prisoners infected with COVID-19.

Please call (717) 787-2500 beginning the morning of Monday, November 16, and keep the pressure on!
Our sincere gratitude for all of your support.

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Kings Bay Plowshares 7 updates

Many of the Kings Bay Plowshares were sentenced recently. Here are some updates. Be sure to check out their website as the activists will be reporting to prison soon.

Carmen Trotta was sentenced to 14 months in the morning session. This was a downward departure based on the judge granting his objection that the seriousness of his criminal history was overstated by the probation report.

Clare Grady was sentenced in the afternoon in a three hour session. She was sentenced by Judge Wood to one year and one day which is well below the guidelines.  Both defendants were also sentenced to three years supervised probation and ordered to “jointly and singly” pay restitution of $33,501. Carmen requested that he be able to self report to prison in 30 days and Judge Wood agreed to recommend that. Clare requested 90 days.

Martha Hennessey received 10 months in federal prison, restitution, and three year’s supervised probation.  

Fr. Steve Kelly was sentenced in Brunswick on Oct. 15 to 33 months incarceration, three years of supervised release and restitution ($33, 501 shared jointly with other defendants). He has served 30 months in pretrial confinement in Georgia jails so should have completed this sentence with the addition of accumulated good time. Steve still has to answer for a probation violation from a previous arrest so may be taken to Tacoma in Washington State to face the judge there. 

Patrick O’Neill was sentenced on Oct 16 to 14 months in prison and the same probation and restitution. He will have to self report to prison when ordered by the Bureau of Prisons within the next 90 days. 

Liz McAlister was sentenced to time served (17 months) in June.

Press conference for Mumia Abu-Jamal- Monday 11.16

A Critical Moment in the Fight to FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL

Join the Movement to Free Mumia on Monday November 16th at 12pm EST for this historical press conference during a critical time in the case of our esteemed elder and revolutionary leader, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Hear from Angela Davis, Pam Africa, Kwame Ajamu, Linn Washington, Jr and others as they continue the decades long fight calling for the Freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal , All Political Prisoners, and Prison Abolition. Tune in, learn more, spread the word, show your support and get involved!
Register at