Anarchist Prisoner Eric King Released To Halfway House After Ten Years

Following nearly ten years of incarceration and numerous attempts by the State to frame, murder, and break him – anarchist prisoner Eric King has now been released and is headed to a half-way house “for several weeks,” reports supporters. Imprisoned for taking direct action in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising, Eric King survived everything from […]

Eric King release raffle is on!

4 prizes up for grabs with 100% of funds raised going to Eric’s release fundraiser. Entry Info:-Tickets are $2 each, each ticket purchased is an entry.-Each item purchased on our website is an entry with 10% of purchase donated-Each digital release purchased is an entry with 100% of Bandcamp digital sales donated To purchase […]

“Just some sad Xmas poems” by Eric King

More than coffee or peanut butterOr Big Bang returns all night throughmore than a warm showeror 100 laps in a loopmore than some decent toothpasteor a couple of great books to readwould be for someone to say“hey how are you doing,are you OK? “Merry Xmas My inside bars are green  so I pretend to be in […]

“Prison ain’t for sensitive boys” a poem by Eric King

I still think about every fightevery scraping – making of kniveswondering what happened to those livesthey were sharpened for?I still feel every sprayevery breath it stole awaywondering what violence will come todayW/the squad at your doorI still hear every screaming voiceevery life isolation destroyedprison ain’t the place for a sensitive boyI don’t want this no […]

Ways the ADX (Supermax) is different from SHU (Secure Housing Unit) by Eric King

1. 2 doors2. No cell-to-cell contact3. TV4. Books5. You ‘program’ in your cell6. Rec is totally by yourself—indoor and outdoor7. Bunk is made of concrete8. Desk is made of concrete9. Every door is 100% electronic10. Every man is 2-man hold11. Guards have batons in hand12. No screaming or rapping-thank god13. No one is ever coming […]

Eric King update from ADX

Eric King has been on some form of commissary restriction or another for the last 4 years. He will never walk another yard (in general population) again but his restrictions have finally been lifted! We would love to celebrate this and surprise him a bit. Basic small pleasures we often take for granted. Spoil him with […]

Update on Eric King

Eric is currently being held at the Federal Supermax in Florence, Colorado (ADX) and is extremely isolated. The ADX keeps people in their cells 24 hours a day and Eric is not able to communicate with anyone else. This is the payback the Bureau of Prisons has for him after winning his criminal trial. There […]

Eric King’s Statement for Running Down the Walls

Comrades! Greetings from the Rockies. I hope everyone is feeling strong, safe, and loved. After a very active and hectic Black August I’m very happy to be joining everyone in RDTW. This year I’ll be doing two days filled with jogging around my cage, lots of plyometrics, burpees, and boxing fun, pretending I’m out in […]