Update on Eric King

Eric is currently being held at the Federal Supermax in Florence, Colorado (ADX) and is extremely isolated. The ADX keeps people in their cells 24 hours a day and Eric is not able to communicate with anyone else. This is the payback the Bureau of Prisons has for him after winning his criminal trial. There […]

New Eric King support zine

Check out this new Support Eric zine made by Spit Poet Publishing. You can view the zine online at https://indd.adobe.com/view/b770eac4-9eff-4d82-bacc-5308d7086c67 You can also order a paper copy direct from the publisher at https://www.instagram.com/p/Ccqjw0xP8ez/ for $10. All proceeds go to Eric’s commissary fund. Thanks to Spit Poetry Publishing for the support!

Week 3 call-in for Eric King starts

As of this morning, Eric is still at USP Atlanta and en route to maximum security USP Lee in Virginia despite being threatened there by white supremacists. The Bureau of Prisons on every level is aware of this risk and is sticking to the “inmate must be returned to the parent institution’ narrative. Last week, […]

Eric King Call-in Campaign contacts

USP LeePhone: 276-546-0150Fax: 276-546-9115Warden: [email protected] Warden [email protected]@bop.gov [email protected] Mid-Atlantic BOP Regional Office [email protected]@bop.gov Phone: 301-317-3100 Fax: 301-317-3119 DSCC Office GRA-DSC/[email protected] Phone: 972-352-4400 Fax: 972-352-4395 BOP National Office [email protected] Phone: 202-307-3198 Twitter: @[email protected] Senators and Reps Virginia Tim Kaine https://www.kaine.senate.gov/contact/share-your-opinionTwitter: @TimKaine 231 Russell Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510PHONE: (202) 224-4024 Mark. R WarnerEmail: https://www.warner.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactPageTwitter: @MarkWarner703 Hart […]

Day 5 of Eric King call-in

!Today is day 5 of our call-in campaign for Eric King. We are going to switch it up and focus on Missouri Senators today (and BOP). As you know, Eric is from Missouri and that is where his case originated so we are going to bring our concerns to the two Missouri Senators. Remember, Eric […]

Day 4 of Eric King Call-in

All details at https://supportericking.org/2022/04/03/help-protect-erics-life/ The focus today is the Bureau of Prisons. Eric is in the process of being transferred to USP Lee, a high security prison across the country in Virginia. Eric, who should be placed at a medium security facility, reasonably fears that this move is punitive and that at Lee he will […]