“Just some sad Xmas poems” by Eric King

More than coffee or peanut butter
Or Big Bang returns all night through
more than a warm shower
or 100 laps in a loop
more than some decent toothpaste
or a couple of great books to read
would be for someone to say
“hey how are you doing,
are you OK? “
Merry Xmas

My inside bars are green 
 so I pretend to be in the forest 
 there’s predators lurking 
 big &small, gotta keep your wits about you 
 the climate is unpredictable 
 it just takes one miscalculation 
 and your ass is lost  
I scrounge what I can find to eat 
 keep my shadows close to me 
 the jungle is an unforgiving place 
 such is the BOP