Ways the ADX (Supermax) is different from SHU (Secure Housing Unit) by Eric King

1. 2 doors
2. No cell-to-cell contact
3. TV
4. Books
5. You ‘program’ in your cell
6. Rec is totally by yourself—indoor and outdoor
7. Bunk is made of concrete
8. Desk is made of concrete
9. Every door is 100% electronic
10. Every man is 2-man hold
11. Guards have batons in hand
12. No screaming or rapping-thank god
13. No one is ever coming and going, in the SHU people are constantly coming back with news or transferring, everyone is stationary here
14. We can wear sweatpants and shoes
15. We have to slide ‘cop-outs’ under the outside door. Never hand to hand.
16. No standing count ever
17. I control my lights
18. Guards drop off trays—if I don’t want I don’t have to say or interact in any way with them
19. I have all my sheets, blankets, and laundry. Tues and Thurs are laundry day
20. Often feel dizzy in these cells
21. Campers do laundry, canteen, and make our food
22. No radios
23. Hella coffee
24. Entire prison is on the same status, mostly
25. Heard absolutely zero shit talk or antagonism from staff – yet
26. It’s so quiet, eerily so

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