Water Protector political prisoner Rattler released from prison

Despite Rattler’s compassionate release being denied by the federal courts, and the prison as well as federal probation offices refusing to look into Rattler’s legal change of address to be housed with family during the pandemic, Rattler was made to get on a public plane (regular commercial airflight, not Bureau of Prisons personal airlines) despite his attorney being physically present to pick him up to have safe travel and limiting exposure during the pandemic.

We are unsure if he was tested again for COVID before being put on the plane, but he has reported having no more symptoms since his contraction of COVID at Sandstone federal prison last month. He is now in ND heading for the halfway house for the next 6 months.

We will update his mailing address for support mail. Any donations can be added to his Support Committee- PayPal www.paypal.me/siouxic and messages for him can be sent to this Facebook page. Please pray for those stuck in federal halfway houses, local jails, and state/federal prisons because they are ALL affected by COVID. #stillnodapl#strugglecontinues

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