Tom Manning has Passed

Our beautiful comrade, Tom Manning, has passed away due to complications related to a heart attack. Tom was a member of the United Freedom Front and dedicated his life to the struggle against imperialism. Whether it was over the struggle in El Salvador, Nicaragua or South Africa, Tom used any means necessary to support others fighting for their freedom. He dedicated and sacrificed his life for this endeavor. Those who knew him were better for it. We will miss him terribly. Amandla!

2 thoughts on “Tom Manning has Passed

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  2. Ray Frye

    During 2014 and 2015, I had the pleasure of spending almost 2 years with Tom. He was a good man. Tom tought me how to say the Rosary and told me to say it however I wanted to as there was no way to say it wrong. In 2016 I was granted a sentence commutation by President Obama. In 2017 I converted to Catholicism. I credit this achievement to Thomas Manning . Thank you Tom. I will pray for your passage into heaven. Your pain is gone. Your childhood and adulthood memories can no longer haunt you. You will be missed by your friends. Now be free brother. God bless you and your friends.

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