Teach in on Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s case

November 3rd at 6pm
Zoom Meeting ID 840 7659 5973

Sharing an Important Request to support the commutation of Dr. Mutulu Shakur through an event co-hosted by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and other networks!: 

“We, the undersigned, demand President Biden, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons to immediately commute the sentence of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, a father, grandfather, healer, and human rights activist. Mutulu has imprisoned by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for over 35 years and has served his time. Dr. Shakur is 71 years old, has suffered 2 strokes, glaucoma, and has been battling Stage 3 bone marrow cancer for the last 2 ½ years. Despite being diagnosed with life-threatening bone cancer and catching COVID, was denied compassionate release and has been denied parole nine times. We must win his immediate release and the freedom of all political prisoners and prisoners of war.
For more information on Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s, visit https://mutulushakur.com/

1.Sign and Share the petition: https://campaigns.organizefor.org/petitions/grant-clemency-for-dr-mutulu-shakur-a-father-grandfather-healer-human-rights-activist
2.Write Dr. Mutulu Shakur: Dr. Mutulu Shakur #83205-012 | FMC Lexington | P.O. Box 14500 | Lexington, KY 4051
3. Donate: in multiples of $35 to mark the 35 years Mutulu has been held at https://www.cadnational.org/ 

For More info: bit.ly/FreeMutulu