Statement from Jaan Laaman Regarding “Running Down the Walls” – September 6th, 2020

The statement below was written by Jaan Laaman regarding the upcoming “Running Down the Walls.” Please join us on that day – running in solidarity with our imprisoned comrades.

Running Down the Walls 2020

A loud revolutionary shout-out, to all the runners, joggers, walkers, and others coming together this September 6th, for Running Down the Walls 2020. In the midst of this deadly COVD pandemic and the even more deadly centuries-long racist pandemic, we need to come together across the country and on both sides of the walls, this year more than ever. 

I believe this is the 21st Running Down the Walls. In 1999, we had a real good solidarity run in Leavenworth and lots of political prisoners and prisoners overall, have been running down the walls in prison yards, control units, and other seg cells ever since. 

Here in USP McCreary and throughout the federal BOP prisons, we have been on a pandemic lockdown since March. Hard to say if yards will be open by September. If they are, I along with other conscious-minded convicts will be joining everyone else- outside and in, on September 6th. If I am still locked down, I will join you all in my cell, throwing hard, high and fast kicks for 45 minutes straight! Well, haha, probably with a few breaths in between, but I will be with you all, in strong spirit and focused activity. 

OK, let’s kick it off- get to running. Let me finish by telling you about this button I used to always wear when I was a student in 1968- “Less talk, More action, SMASH RACISM”.

BLM, Jaan Laaman
Ohio 7 political prisoner