Statement from Dan Baker in solidarity with Toby Shone

Dan Baker just issued the following statement in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Toby Shone, who was facing a control order that has just been rejected by a judge.

I express my solidarity and support for Toby Shone, who is being held by the same company, G4S, which captures and holds children in cages. The psychologist here at FCI Memphis asked me why I fast on new and full moons and I told her that I fast to train my body for hunger strikes because this is the only way to express bodily autonomy in a totalitarian, dystopian police state. Today is the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands, Irish political prisoner who was on hunger strike. Up the Friends!

I am now receiving mail but friends like Toby Shone and Eric King are unable to communicate freely with the outside world, and kept in isolation with meaningless labels of elevated fear. Like Toby, I also faced a decade in prison, and was told I should be grateful for only receiving 44 months of captivity. But Abdullah Ocalan says, “There is nothing more contemptible than a slave who is grateful for their enslavement.”

After finishing my sentence I will be on probation and observation for three years, which, as Toby said, could see us return to prison on the whims of unscrupulous cops who don’t follow their own laws. As Toby said, international solidarity cooperation and mobilization is fundamental to successful progress. Before we can dismantle and abolish human captivity, we have to examine our hearts and minds and uproot the chains of slavery that capitalism has conditioned us to perpetuate through widespread advertising and dependency. I would like everyone to remember Willem Von Spronson, who took a stand against G4S and their abusive enslavement of children, in the U.$., Palestine and the U.K. The Martyrs never die!

The human spirit that loves truth, freedom and beauty will never submit to systems of hierarchy and domination. I admire Toby’s statement that will not step back one millimeter!

Solidarity forever,

Dan aka Alishare

Daniel Baker, 25765-509
P.O, BOX 34550
MEMPHIS, TN  38184

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    We hereby publish the response of Toby Shone to Dan Baker’s solidarity statement:

    June 11: “Like Mercury” – Open Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare


    Alishare, I heard your message of solidarity, thank you, it gave me strength. I would turn the energy with this open letter, and I hope to kick a brick from the walls. One more time. In a flurry of black feathers and lunar wisdom, a murder of crows delivered your statement and those wily crows told me about your situation in FCI Memphis.
    I want to add on to this dialogue and talk about three anarchist comrades imprisoned in Italy. The first is Anna Beniamino who is serving a 17 year sentence for the Scripta Manent case in a high security regime in Rebibbia prison (Rome). The Scripta Manent case involved the arrest of 7 anarchists accused of subversive association with terrorist intent and a series of direct actions claimed by the Informal Anarchist Organization. An absurd farce with obscene conclusions. The second comrade I want to mention is Alfredo Cospito who has been locked up since 2012 for the Adinolfi case for which he was sentenced for nearly 11 years and is now waiting for the confirmation of another sentence of 20 years for the Scripta Manent case. Alfredo was recently struck with the legislature 41 bis, special security regime. Each month, he can only receive either one phone call (10 minutes) or one visit strictly with family members with glass and recorded; he can only walk in the yard with maximum 3 other prisoners previously approved by prison security; he cannot receive books, censorship is applied to his correspondence (number of letters per month is extremely limited), and he has a very limited amount of items which he can keep in his cell. Several international agencies have continuously condemned the 41bis prison regime as torture. The third comrade I want to mention is Juan Sorroche. On the date of the international day of with long-term anarchist prisoners, June the 11th , Juan will face a court hearing in Treviso. Juan is on trial accused of an attack against an office of the Lega Nord political party claimed by the “Cell Haris Hatzimihelakis/Black International (1881/2018)” that happened in August 2018. Juan who was already serving time for other judgements, is now facing a long sentence in this other political trial. Like all the imprisoned anarchists around the world, these three comrades deserve the support and solidarity that the international anarchist movement can give them.
    The repression we face is evidence that our struggle has validity, and the enemy is threatened and reactive. Even though we are locked up, our lives continue. Our inner world is still infinitely rich and diverse as we confront our experience. We are part of the same lost continent, and we discover freedom – in our indestructible hearts. Alishare, with our letters, we create an Atlantic bridge where all of us can meet and learn from each other. We anarchists tread the same yards, we hear the same keys and slamming doors, but we discuss, and plan and we don’t give up. Dialogues between us are important, as needed as those we have with those outside.
    I tell you of some of my news. Maybe it is because of the solidarity efforts of comrades outside, but I was able to receive a few letters, postcards, and a book: “Sara – Prison Memoirs of a Kurdish Revolutionary” by Sakine Cansiz. I don’t know who sent me the book but they have my sincere thanks. I received a few letters from Philadelphia ABC sent in the last two months, and a couple of cards from Brighton ABC, and a parcel from NFA ABC in London. That as well as a few other letters, all arrived in the last few days. I still have a lot of correspondence that I have not been given, as well as books. G4S are lying in the face of all this by claiming I have “no mail”, and saying that books are not permitted. In Bristol prison, I was able to receive a copy of “My Pestiferous Life” by Claudio Lavazza before the administration censored my mail. I recommend Claudio’s book, reading it, is like getting a big hug from a dear friend who helped you to escape. Whilst I was in Bristol, comrades from Italy sent me a lunar calendar which was forbidden to me. All anarchists should come to know the pleasure of the Dark Moon. For an alphabet in flames, let the pen reach into the void.
    Free Eric King. Free everyone
    Toby Shone.

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