NYC ABC Letter writing for Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing
WHEN: 7pm, Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021
COST: Free

Humans are such an amazingly adaptable species. We can collectively adjust and even grow accustomed to almost unimaginably challenging and calamitous circumstances, even as our comrades, friends, families and ourselves are adversely affected. As the pandemic rages throughout overfull prisons, jails and detention centers nationwide, and the increasing disasters of climate change disproportionately affect communities intentionally ‘disadvantaged’ by state capitalism, perhaps it’s time to adapt less and resist more. Resistance can come in many forms, including mutual aid and tangible acts of solidarity. One simple such act is to write a letter to a political prisoner.

So please join us and Page One Collective this week in writing to Black liberation political prisoner Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, the longest confined former member of the Black Panther Party, who has spent 51 years behind bars. Though Chip has been eligible for parole for decades, and was declared “a low risk of committing offenses” by the BOP’s own psychologists, he remains locked up in a California prison. There is a petition campaign for his release, and more information available here.

Please take the time to write a letter to Chip (and share a photo of your completed envelopes with us online):

Chip can be written to at this address:
Chip Fitzgerald* #B-27527
California State Prison – LAC
Post Office Box 4490B-4-150
Lancaster, California 93539
*Address envelope to Romaine Fitzgerald.