New Website for Oso Blanco!

Our friends with Philly ABC have exciting news- a new website for political prisoner Oso Blanco!

Oso Blanco is an indigenous activist originally serving 80 years in prison for a series of bank expropriations throughout the southwest in 1998-1999. In 2016, 25 years were taken off his sentence when he won his Johnson v. U.S. appeal making him eligible for release in 2048. He is part of the wolf clan Cherokee/Choctaw, raised in New Mexico. His indigenous name is Oso Blanco, or Yona Unega in Cherokee. He was known to the FBI as ‘Robin the Hood’ because he informed the bank tellers he was expropriating funds to assist the Zapatistas fighting for independence in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

Oso Blanco continues his assistance to Zapatistas and native kids from within prison through the Children’s Art Project (CAP). Check out the artwork he created to raise funds for native kids, for sale online as greeting cards and posters, on his new website at Please support the ‘Zapatista supply warrior’ in his mission and share the link within your networks!

And be sure to get the amazing greeting cards that Oso Blanco made as a fundraiser for the Children’s Art Project at