Eric King Legal Update

Eric’s lawyers at Civil Liberties Defense Center have released a major update on his case. Please check it out.

As we prepare for key upcoming court dates for our client Eric King, we wanted to provide some insight on what’s happening and why this case is so important. Due to some restrictions around media and upcoming trials, we can’t say nearly as much about it as we’d like. However, you can educate yourself on its substance by visiting the resource page which includes links to all publicly-available court documents.

Please take a look and share it with your networks. You can also follow Eric’s support crew on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and consider making a small contribution to support his legal defense fund by donating to CLDC and designate your contribution for “Eric King.”

Eric was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014 for his actions in solidarity with the Black liberation uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri, and is scheduled to be released in 2023. However, he now faces a new federal criminal charge for allegedly “assaulting” a Bureau of Prisons (BOP) officer in self-defense in 2018, and faces up to 20 more years in prison if convicted.

On Thursday, October 14, CLDC’s legal team will represent Eric at an evidentiary hearing in Colorado Federal Court where the Judge will rule on our Motion to Suppress Evidence regarding Eric’s coerced statements in the aftermath — determining whether the statements were involuntary as a result of torture and abuse he suffered at the hands of BOP Florence guards, among other issues. While we have a steep hill to climb, this evidentiary hearing is a monumental step forward in bringing the truth into the light of day. In addition to his upcoming criminal trial, CLDC is also representing Eric in a civil suit against the BOP relating to this incident and a continuing pattern of abuse within the federal carceral system.
In Solidarity,
The CLDC Team