Call in for Antifascist Political Prisoner David Campbell 

Sample Script for Phone and Email 
Director of Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Elizabeth Glazer:
E-mail: [email protected]
m[email protected]
Tweet: @CrimJusticeNYC
Call/Text (copy and paste script via text): (917) 913-2253

DOC Commissioner Cythnia Brann 
E-mail: [email protected]
Call: (718) 546-0890
Fax: (718) 278-6022
Tweet: @CorrectionNYC

Sample letter:

Dear [Commissioner Brann/Elizabeth Glazer]:

I am [calling/emailing] to draw your attention to the case of David Campbell, who is currently incarcerated on Rikers Island, has been authorized to be released by DA Vance’s office in multiple statements to journalists, but inexplicably remains detained. I implore you to use the unique powers of your office to see that he is released as soon as possible. Not only has he been a model inmate and a beloved fixture of the NYC activist community, but he is also an experienced funeral director who has served low income communities in Brooklyn for years. This skillset is unfortunately in critically high demand during this pandemic, and his former colleagues have called for his release ASAP.

As the pandemic spreads, incarcerated folks are testing positive at a horrifying rate. Detained folks and CO’s have already died. Please do the right thing. Follow the DA’s guidance in releasing David Campbell, and heed the numerous public calls to release all those detained in DOC custody immediately. This is not only the most ethical course of action, but it is also the most rational: each day folks remain in DOC custody, the worse this pandemic becomes for everyone in New York.

[ include address and contact info if you are comfortable but it is not required]