Bundle of books available to purchase for incarcerated readers

NYC Books through Bars offers this wonderful program where you can buy a bundle of books and they get all the books at the end of the month. They then use these books to fulfill requests made by people in prison and jail. Check it out and order at http://www.freebirdbooks.com/shop.html

Following July’s drive featuring titles from AK Press–550 books collected!–we revisit our friends at Grove Press, who a year ago collaborated on what still stands as our most successful monthly campaign to date. Generating an astounding 1,600 books in just two weeks, it brought special attention to Albert Woodfox’s memoir of incarceration, Solitary, who we had the good fortune of interviewing about his experiences. This time we selected another three titles that also spotlight the diversity of Grove’s catalog, representative of a storied publisher long committed to fighting censorship and social injustice. Alif the Unseen is a debut work of fantasy that pulls upon Arabic folklore to spin a cyperpunk tale worthy of Neil Gaiman. Lakota Woman is a classic of indigenous literature, the story of Mary Brave Bird and her activism within the Native American movements of the 1970s and ’80s.  And Wilmington’s Lie is the recent Pulitzer Prize-winner that documents the long forgotten but brazen coup of white North Carolinians against an integrated city in the late 19th century.

Order the bundle for just $30 for the next week at freebirdbooks.com/shop.html