Books through Bars Bundle program

Many of these books get sent to political prisoners who we support thanks to NYC volunteers at Books through Bars.

Our September 2021 Bundle O’ Books is available for another week or so! Order at

These books purchased via our bundle program have helped us keep our shelves chock full of books that are frequently requested by the people in prison and jail who write us. These books fly out of our space weekly as they are books that people often request. I can say that its amazing to not have piles of letters sitting around because we actually have enough of the frequently requested books people ask for.

From our bookstore partner Freebird Books & Goods:
Following August’s drive spotlighting titles from Grove Press–430 books collected!–we take a slightly different approach to the book drive. Rather than feature single titles in the bundle, each purchase will include five works (rather than the usual three) across a range of specialized subjects that Books Through Bars receive request for throughout the year:
– 2 titles from DK’s line of Pocket Genius books (Elements, Sharks, Rocks and Minerals, Dinosaurs, Cars, or Ancient Rome),
– 1 from the National Audubon Society’s pocket field guides (Butterflies, Insects and Spiders, Mammals, Constellations, or Reptiles & Amphibians),
– 1 from the Random House Webster’s line of of pocket reference books (American Sign Language dictionary, Spanish dictionary, grammar usage guide), and
– 1 of Lisa Tenzin-Dolma’s mindfully meditative adult coloring books centered around mandalas.