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Jaan Laaman’s Report on Running Down the Walls 2013

Jaan Laaman

Hello everybody –

hope this has been/is being a good running day for all of you.  About 30 of us in here – young and old, Black, white and Latino, did a real nice RDTW this morning.  We got together before taking off, had some words about the meaning of Running Down the Walls and it’s origin and ongoing reality.

Then we took off and got a real decent 5k – some walked some laps, but most ran all the miles.  Afterwards we all drank a cold soda and talked about people running in other cities and towns, in other kamps too, some at that very moment.

So it was a positive morning and a good run and we hope and expect that all of you and many many others, even in Switzerland ! ha- had a good run today too.  Now lets hope Obama does NOT launch a new war in the mid=east, in Syria and of course, I know we will all do what we can.

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!


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