Anti-fascist David Campbell to be released from prison soon

Our wrongfully incarcerated comrade, David Cambell, is getting out on October 16th – and he needs our help! For the past year, David has been unjustly imprisoned for events that unfolded at the protest of a New York City alt-right event on January 20, 2018.

After almost two years of legal maneuvering, David took a non-cooperating plea for a sentence of 18 months in a local facility on Rikers Island to avoid a trial and a much longer sentence in an upstate prison for which white supremacist guards and Nazi gangs are known.

Despite these precautions, he is one of thousands of people incarcerated in NYC jails during the COVID-19 pandemic, left with little to no proper protection equipment or the ability to socially distance, further compromising health and safety in already bleak conditions.

It was his commitment to antifascism and his community that brought him out to the protest that night, and the combined support of his community that helped him through his sentence. He describes the broad contributions of letters, books, visits, and donations as leaving him both awestruck and humbled. We know the strength of our movement is determined by the continued support of our comrades.

Despite the precarity of the world David is coming back to, let’s give him the welcome home he deserves. If you haven’t already, please consider donating what you can to his fund, as there are still uncovered expenses resulting from the arrest, and any additional financial support will help make his transition easier.

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