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Support the ABCF Every Time You Shop Online!

We all do it from time to time, so let’s at least do it intelligently. Amazon, eBay, and other major retailers have “affiliate” programs where they kick back a percentage of sales to websites that drive clicks to them. We’ve jumped on this bandwagon so we can do more work to support prisoners and basically get a source of free money. We get approximately 1-4% of the sales that are made through these sites.

Since 1995, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation has given financial assistance to anarchist political prisoners and prisoners of war. We are dedicated to the support of all political prisoners and have contributed thousands of dollars to prisoners through our warchest program.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to (be sure to bookmark it for the future) and click on the Amazon or eBay links. The Black Rose Society has pledged to donate a sizeable portion of their income from this program to the Anarchist Black Cross. Federation.

2. Click the Amazon and eBay icons/text and buy items through these websites just as you would normally. You pay the same price as always.

3. When the retailer gets paid, we get paid and put that money into supporting prisoners.

4. Tell everybody you know about this project

That’s all folks, thanks for your support.

*Yes, we realize Amazon is a big evil company that does all sorts of horrible things. We aren’t encouraging you to shop there more than you already do, just to make sure you click our link if you do. In the end, it takes more money from Amazon’s pockets. We stand in solidarity with all of Amazon’s workers.

Running Down the Walls 2013 Reportback

Running Down the Walls this year was a huge success! People all around the world ran in the streets and inside prison walls ran simultaneously in solidarity with political prisoners worldwide. Thousands of dollars were raised to fund basic solidarity programs, the ABCF Warchest, and legal defense campaigns.

Runs occurred in Ontario, Denver, USP Tuscon, New York, Los Angeles, and more. Denver ABC put together an awesome promo video and there are some great pictures available of the LA run which was co-hosted by Revolutionary Autonomous Communities.

Many Political Prisoners made statements including Jaan Laamans who coordinated the run at USP Tuscon.

If you participated in a RDTW run in 2013 and don’t see it listed here, please let us know by using the contact tab above or writing in the comments.

–Nathan at ABCF

Running Down the Walls 2013

Running Down the Walls 2013 was an amazing success, with runs all over the world in the streets and in the prisons. Here are some pictures of the run in Los Angeles, if you have any pictures or reportbacks from your city or prison, we’d love to link to them from here!



Jaan Laaman’s Report on Running Down the Walls 2013

Jaan Laaman

Hello everybody –

hope this has been/is being a good running day for all of you.  About 30 of us in here – young and old, Black, white and Latino, did a real nice RDTW this morning.  We got together before taking off, had some words about the meaning of Running Down the Walls and it’s origin and ongoing reality.

Then we took off and got a real decent 5k – some walked some laps, but most ran all the miles.  Afterwards we all drank a cold soda and talked about people running in other cities and towns, in other kamps too, some at that very moment.

So it was a positive morning and a good run and we hope and expect that all of you and many many others, even in Switzerland ! ha- had a good run today too.  Now lets hope Obama does NOT launch a new war in the mid=east, in Syria and of course, I know we will all do what we can.

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!


Jaan Karl Laaman #10372-016
USP Tucson
PO Box 24550
Tucson, AZ 85734