The ABCF Warchest Needs Your Support

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The ABCF Warchest program distributes $40 in funds every month to 17 long-time political prisoners and has been doing so since 1994. All of the poltical prisoners who receive assistance from the fund  have been receiving insufficient, little or no financial support during their imprisonment.

The Warchest  is replenished from proceeds of the annual “Running Down the Walls” 5K runs held every autumn. With the COVD-19 pandemic upon us, the certainity of having 5 or more  runs all across the country in September is uncertain and our ability to distribute funds are somewhat hampered.

We are asking for donations to beef up the ABCF Warchest capacity. Currently, there are 17 political prisoners who receive monthly assistance plus released political prisoners who have received one-time checks to help them prepare for release.

Current recipients of Warchest assistance are:
Sundiata Acoli
Joseph Bowen
Ruchell Magee
Oso Blanco
Hanif Bey
Malik Smith
Alvaro Hernandez
Jaan Laaman
Jalil Muntaqim 
Veronza Bowers
Eric King
Mutulu Shakur
Abdul Aziz
Ed Poindexter
Chip Fitzgerald
Kamau Sadiki
Ronald Reed

In the last two years, the following released political prisoners have received donations to their release funds:Delbert Africa, Chuck Africa, Janine and Janet Africa, Eddie Africa, Connor Stevens, Little Feather and Nina Droz Franco.

You can easily donate online at  You can also make a check or postal money order out to Tim Fasnacht and send to Tim Fasnacht, PO Box 8682, Lancaster, PA 17604. Please put “Warchest” in the memo line. Any questions can be directed to [email protected] Thank you for your solidarity.