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Eric King needs solidarity

Our comrade, political prisoner Eric King is in need of solidarity. Eric has been held in solitary confinement at FCI Englewood awaiting trial on an assault charge since August 2019. He is raising funds for his legal defense fund and it is slow-going as most people are dealing with COVD-19 related stress and costs. Please donate if you can at

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Eric King is an imprisoned parent, artist, poet, and partner who needs support defending himself as he faces serious federal charges from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

Eric is currently serving a ten year sentence in BOP for Use of Explosive Materials to Commit Arson. On September 11, 2014, Eric threw two molotov cocktails and a hammer through a window of an unoccupied Kansas City congressional building. Eric was charged in the federal court in Kansas City; in 2016 he accepted a non-cooperating guilty plea and a mandatory minimum 10-year federal sentence for the case. As part of his plea and sentencing Eric publicly and proudly acknowledged that his intent was to take direct political action in solidarity with the community of Ferguson, Missouri following the August 2014 police killing of Michael Brown, Jr.   He has been in BOP custody since he was sentenced in 2016. Even in prison, Eric is committed to using his poetry, art, and writing for liberation and a world free from domination and oppression.

Write Political Prisoners Always (but especially during the COVD-19 pandemic)!

Check out our list of US-held political prisoners and prisoner of war and send a letter to one or a few people. Many of these folks are on lockdown right now- locked in their cells or dorms. They have no visits, many of them do not have access to commissary and none have access to protective equipment or adequate cleaning supplies to keep them safe.

They do have mail right now and many have email so shoot a letter out and let them know you care and see what they need. Our comrades at NYCABC have a great letter writing how-to as well as their Illustrated Guide to PPs to check out as well.

Briefly, Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POWs) are “those persons incarcerated as a result of political beliefs or actions consciously undertaken and intended to resist exploitation and oppression, and/or hasten the implementation of an egalitarian, sustainable, ethical, classless society, predicated on self determination and maximization of all people’s freedom.(Bill Dunne)