Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Statement

The Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross Federation Solidarity Statement

This statement was issued by the Los Angeles Black Cross Federation in 2003, in hopes of ending feuds between ABC formations- specifically Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) and the Anarchist Black Cross Networks (ABCN). After the statement was issued, with the help of the Break the Chains Collective, LA-ABCF began a dialog with ABCN collectives. Later the same year, LA-ABCF was invited to perform a workshop at the ABCN/Break the Chains Conference in Eugene, OR. At the conference, members from each formation sat down and worked out the differences between the ABCF and the ABCN. Since the conference, collectives from both formations have been working to build a better working relationship. We keep this statement on our website with pride and we hope that it will inspire others to began working to end the various feuds that still plague our communities.

Statement on Solidarity from LA-ABCF

Because the factional divide within Anarchist Black Cross/Anarchist prisoner aid organizations has caused the fabric of political prisoner aid work within the Anarchist community to weaken;
And because disunity within this movement has existed for too long, benefiting neither the prisoners or the organizations that claim to support them;
And because such divides have in fact hindered our task to assist and aid prisoners;
And because the basis of this movement is solidarity and mutual aid;
And because unity is necessary for the survival of this movement and the prisoners which this movement supports;
This statement has been created in order to bring an end to the divides that plague our community and encourage this movement to resolve its dispute before it is too late. We hope that others will see the benefit of unity over hostility and will begin in the process to build a healthier more viable movement.

Because of the goals stated above, the Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross has pledge to honor the following principles:
1. We support all Anarchist Black Cross/Anarchist prisoner aid organizations who desire to bring unity and solidarity back into our community.
2. We refuse to engage in behavior, which is intended to disrupt or disorganize the Anarchist prisoner aid community.
3. Behavior such as libel, slander, or the blatant attack of other individuals/organizations within this community should be avoided at all costs.
4. Critiques should be done with the intent to create positive dialog within our movement rather than attempting to discredit other individuals/organizations.
5. We respect the differences of ideas and approach within the Anarchist prisoner aid community. We feel diversity of thought can only aid in the work we are engaged in and no individuals/organizations should be force to conform to a certain pattern or trend within the movement.
6. We encourage the increase of dialog within the movement, as well as, joint actions across organizational/ network (or federation) levels. We hope such actions can increase the level of unity within this movement.

We hope the feuds that continue today will desist tomorrow, so that we will be able to continue to focus our energy on the freedom and liberation of all political prisoners. Only with the solidarity between those active in Anarchist prisoner aid community can this mission be fulfilled.

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