LA-ABCF Statement on Richard Williams

LA-ABCF Statement on Richard Williams

With a heavy heart, we are saddened by the news that political prisoner, Richard Williams has passed away. Many of Richard¹s supporters agree with his friend and comrade, Diane Fujino, that his problems were stemmed from the 15 months of isolation he faced after 9/11. The State was tireless in its efforts to break his spirit and his will. His body, no longer able stay as strong as his spirit, began to weaken under the pressure of captivity.

For those who are not aware of Richard, his death ended 26 years of imprisonment. He was sentenced to life for actions carried out in support of those who suffered under apartheid regime and the paramilitary death squads in Central and South America. He targeted those responsible for the death and torture of the innocent. His love was so deep for the people of the world; resistance was the only option against those who oppressed. He lived in resistance so that others can experience a moment of life.

His life was defined by his continuous struggle. The flame in his heart burned bright for the oppressed and colonized. His spirit, dedicated to the struggle for freedom and humanism in every corner of the world, inspired us all to follow his lead. His sacrifice for the struggle of liberty and resistance everywhere, humbled those of us who found ourselves in his shadow. We, who knew him, count our blessings for the moments we shared.

Our sadness is only relieved by the knowledge that our comrade will be met by the likes of Steven Biko, Bobby Sands, Pedro Albizu Campos and others who struggles against oppression. We have to accept that such a man could only walk among us for brief moment in time. A candle can only burn so long before the light is forced to go out.

Richard went through life with open arms but closed fists; prepared to embrace the world but fight for what is right and just. Richard can now relax his fists. It is time for us to close ours.

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