LA ABCF’s Statement on the Death of Hugo Pinell

Today we learned about the death of our beloved comrade, Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell. Pinell was a member of the ‘San Quentin 6’ and was one of the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. According to early reports another inmate attacked him with a makeshift knife, which sparked a riot in California State Prison, Sacramento in Folsom.

The news of his passing has weighed heavy on the hearts of the members of this organization, as well as the rest of the political prisoner support community. It is a reminder to us that many of our comrades have, in essence, been given a death sentence by the State; whether that death comes in the form of old age, disease or in a violent manner similar to the situation that happened today. It is a sad reality that unless a viable and powerful movement is created that demands the freedom of all political prisoners, Pinell’s death will be just one of many. The death of one comrade is one too many for this movement to accept.

We cannot forget our comrades that live behind the prison walls. We must not allow the death sentences to be served without with a groundswell of resistance. While we should never forget our fallen comrades, we should never allow our own to be so easily martyred. Let the numbers of those liberated overshadow the numbers of those lost. Free All Political Prisoner!

Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross

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