Contribute to ABCF Programs

Since 1995, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation has given financial assistance to imprisoned freedom fighters without other outside support, and we do so without grants, government funding or anything other than contributions from justice-minded people like you.

ABCF makes its finances public as well as a means to contact PP/POWs to confirm our statements. We reach out to all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, regardless of politics, for solidarity, freedom, and revolution know no borders.

The ABCF is dedicated to the support, defense, and freedom of all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. These programs do not survive without your help. Support has declined, and every person can help.

Support Our Work Every Time You Shop Online

By using our Amazon and eBay affiliate links, you can support us every time you shop online. These retailers give us a portion of the sales that come through when people click from our site onto theirs. This means a couple of cents on every purchase! Use the links below, the Black Rose Society has graciously donated much of their affiliate program proceeds to the ABCF.

^^Be sure to bookmark the link so you use it every time you shop online. Save your bookmark as “Amazon” and “eBay” so when you start typing the website name, the bookmark comes up automatically!

How to Contribute

    • When considering how and in what amount you will contribute, please consider these:
      • Warchest contributions, which go to monthly aid for PP/POWs, are made in six- and twelve-month commitments. Please let us know if you want your contribution to go to the Warchest specifically
      • If you want to make a small one-time donation, this often goes into the Emergency Fund, which helps PP/POWs during crises or for one-shot assistance. This is a wonderful program that has helped many PP/POWs.
      • Contributions to the Anarchist Subsistence Fund currently assist Ojore Lutalo, one of the few anarchist PP/POWs in North America. Ojore currently has no outside support of this nature. If you want to contribute specifically to the Subsistence Fund, please note such.

Checks, Cash, etc

  • ABCF accepts contributions in cash, check, and postal money orders (payable to “Tim Fasnacht”)… All cash/check contributions should be sent to Lancaster ABCF, P.O. Box 8682, Lancaster, PA 17604.

Paypal and Debit/Credit Cards

PayPal is a FREE service that will allow you to send your donation immediately online via credit card. It takes just a minute to sign up, and you’ll be making a real difference in the lives of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War.

Click here to sign up for a PayPal account.

Contribute via BitCoin

The ABCF accepts bitcoin at our bitcoin address 1PC41YGkk57GboHG8c2ihpTyZ7HCTGgoju. You can use the donate button at the top of the page or send it to us manually. If you would like a private donation address (optional), please contact and we’ll make one for you.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that provides increased privacy and security for activists when compared to traditional donation methods. It has no transfer fees and is faster than a bank wire. It is decentralized and impossible to shut down. Many places like Wikileaks, WordPress, and Reddit already accept BitCoin. For information on why activists should embrace BitCoin, read the article BitCoin: Dangerous to Surveillance State, Useful to Activists.